Postal Consulting Services Inc (PCSi)
About Us
Started in 2000, Postal Consulting Services (PCSi) is a small woman-owned business based just outside of Washington, DC.  We provide a wide range of consulting services focusing on the postal industry, working with individual businesses as well as associations.

PCSi is led by Kathleen J. Siviter, President, who has an extensive background in the postal industry, having worked both for the U.S. Postal Service for many years, as well as for the Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom) and a long list of PCSi clients since forming her consulting group in 2000.

Our Diverse Experience Speaks For Itself

PCSi is involved in a growing list of associations, projects, working groups and more -- all related to our diverse postal ecosystem.   We have presented on postal-related topics at a wide variety of venues and before a diverse collection of audiences.  We've also prepared presentations for others to give, doing the heavy lifting on slide presentation and industry research for our growing client list.  

Association Support and Expertise

PCSi provides a variety of support services to postal industry associations, including technical operations expertise, writing & editorial services, presentations/updates on industry topics, guidance on postal strategies, and more.  Our growing association client list currently includes:

Postal Consulting

PCSi has provided a wide variety of consulting services to a diverse client list, including training/education on the USPS and postal industry, editorial/writing services, strategic consulting services, project sub-consulting services, postal and industry expertise, and more.   Our solutions and support have been provided to a wide variety of businesses, including but not limited to:

Editorial/Writing Services

PCSi's team are veteran writers in the postal industry.  We have provided writing/editorial services that include white paper production, articles for trade publications/association newsletters, meeting/event reports,   PCSi has written for a variety of postal industry publications, including but not limited to:‚Äč
  • PostCom Bulletin (Association for Postal Commerce)
  • Post Ops Update (Association for Postal Commerce)
  • Mailing Systems Technology (MST) Magazine
  • Business Mailers Review
  • Retail Online Integration (ROI)
  • Catalog Success