Postal Consulting Services Inc (PCSi)
Kathleen J. Siviter
Kathleen J. Siviter is president of Postal Consulting Services, Inc. (PCSi), which she formed in 2000.  Ms. Siviter since 2018 also serves as the Asst. Executive Director of the National Association of Presort Mailers (NAPM), and since 2015 as the Director, Community & Brand Development for PostalVision.

Prior to forming PCSi in 2000, Ms. Siviter served for seven years as Vice President for the Association for Postal Commerce (PostCom), where she was responsible for all postal operations, including developing all PostCom's postal operations publications.  When she left her position with PostCom in 2000 and formed her own consulting company, Ms. Siviter continued to perform many of these duties for the PostCom as well as other associations.

Prior to her executive position at PostCom, Ms. Siviter worked for the U. S. Postal Service for eleven years, including selection for a management training program, where she received two years of in-depth and hands-on training as a manager in each functional area with increasing levels of responsibility.  Ms. Siviter received a Special Achievement Award from then Postmaster General Tony Frank for her work on a letter automation initiative.  For the latter part of Ms. Siviter's USPS career, she served in the Office of Classification and Rates (OCRA) at USPS headquarters.  

During her career working within the postal industry, Ms. Siviter in 2007 served as the industry co-chair for the Postmaster General's Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) workgroup tasked with forming recommendations upon which today's USPS service standards and performance measurement were formed, which were modernized under the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA).  

In February 2008, Ms. Siviter was awarded the prestigious Lee Epstein Award by the Association of Postal Commerce, in recognition of her exemplary work on behalf of the business mailing community. 

Ms. Siviter continues to work on the Postmaster General's Mailers Technical Advisory Committee. In addition to her active roles with NAPM and PostalVision, Ms. Siviter continues to offer consulting services for business and association clients.